Tuesday, September 1, 2015

ट्विट करें

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

"An inner voice, amidst the outer noise"

People do keertan bhajan in local trains..doesn't that throws some hazards?

At the moment there were Rajasthani Marwadi people in group...

The frequency and intensity of the throw with which they sing (read yell) there is a possibility that various harmful micro-organisms from multi-mouths must be coming out in the air and affecting people present there..including them.

Another aspect is of side effect of democracy...

People who using their fundamental right of free speech and expression...they are intentionally or unintentionally forcing others to do no other speaking or listening except to be overcast by their ferocious singing.
The irony here is our almighty, our so called god..whose consent is
either pre-granted in fanatics dreams or is taken for granted...

I wish He or She was actually He & She in flesh & blood..and stand this test of patience
for an entire human life...

This morning, another group was from Marathi Maanus fraternity. I was struggling to get in from the other end of the local...and amidst that I was trying to get my bag lodged on the luggage space..but no body cared a shit..

I felt, what kind of devotional prayer is this??? that an invisible god is being pleased..and needy human being
is not heard or helped...
Though after lot of pleading and repeated requests and a not-to-give-up attitude..one Keertan Gang member made some space and kept my bag. When I was alighting at Dadar Station..I thanked and shook hands with him..
and said...

भगवान् आपकी हमेशा सुनते रहें
आपने मेरी अरज सुनी
मेरे लिए तो इस वक़्त आप ही
भगवान् से कम नहीं....

He smiled on my concern to thank despite all the hardships faced in the journey..though I don't think 
he understood the message completely, that i wanted to convey through my hindi lines.